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Copyright and Reproduction

Prints and soft copies are supplied on loan and no property or copyright in any picture passes to the Client or reproduction rights for any picture or image.
Permission to reproduce a picture applies only to the reproduction described in the invoice or licence. In the event of unauthorised reproduction, the Client shall pay by way of liquidated damages to Action Relay Photography Ltd an unauthorised use fee of £100 or double the standard reproduction fee for the use concerned, whichever is the greater for each image or infraction.
The right to reproduce a picture granted by Action Replay Photography Ltd is personal to the Client and may not be assigned to any third party without Action Replay Photography’s prior written consent.

The client may not alter or add to or manipulate a picture by means of computer or any other technique or reproduce a picture in whole or in part as an element within, or as a montage with, another picture without Action Replay Photography’s written permission.

Personal Use:  You may use images that have been purchased for personal websites such as Facebook.  For equestrian images you may use the images to sell your horse in magazines or websites.  Any  other use, such as in magazine articles, publications or society news letters you or the publication need to purchase an ‘E-mailed Jpeg’ and gain written permission form Action Replay Photography Ltd.

Delivery Policy

We aim to deliver your print or e-mailed jpeg within 10 working days (Monday – Friday), however due to our workload, holiday entitlement and unusual circumstances prints may take 28 days to be delivered.  We will try and process your order within 5 working days where possible.  If you have any special requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lost Orders

We send UK orders via Royal Mail First Class post.  If the Royal Mail fails to delivery your print then we follow their lost letter procedure.
· Check with your local sorting office
· Check with your neighbours
· Royal Mail considers a letter to be lost 15 working days after the delivery date
· If the order is truly lost we will claim back the value of the order on your behalf and reprint and resend the order. This will not happen until the Royal Mail has investigated the claim.

IMPORTANT – Replacement Prints
If you would like the order replacing prior to the claim then we require part payment for the reprints and postage.

IMPORTANT – Returned Items
For letters or large letters that are returned to us because the Royal Mail could not deliver the item or they are not collected from the parcel office we will charge a handling charge of £5*
*This charge increase due to the size and cost of postage.


Orders will only be processed when the payment has reached us.  For e-cheque orders this means that the cheque has cleared in our Paypal account.  This may take up to 6 working days.  The aim of delivering your print within 10 working days starts from when the cheque clears our account.


Prints produced on the day of the event will be sold with a frame (card strut mount) and bagged in a clear fronted bag.  In the rare circumstance that we have run out of strut mounts or clear fronted bags the print will be sold as a single item.

For online and phone orders prints are sold as a print only  i.e. without a strut mount or clear fronted bag. Mounts can be purchased as a additional item. Prints will be packed in a stiff board backed envelop.  Strut mounts for 6x9” are a separate item.  We do not supply 12x8” mounts generally due to the increased postage and packing costs.

Returns Policy Prints

6x9’ and 12x8” prints are generally produced in-house.  Larger size prints are produced by a professional lab.  We will endeavour to ensure that all prints meet our quality standards.  Large prints may be sent directly from the print lab without prior inspection by Action Replay Photography Ltd.  As such if you have any quality issues with prints please contact us directly.
Returns / Refunds E-mailed Jpegs

We do not issue refunds or allow returns for e-mailed jpegs.  It is up to you to make sure you are selecting the correct image(s).


Refunds will only be made with the consent of Action Replay Photography Ltd on the grounds of print quality issues.  We retain the right to offer a replacement print rather than offer a refund.  Please see ‘Image Quality’ for guidelines.  We will not refund on the basis of style or composition.

Image Quality

In-door event images

Colour – We will endeavour to make the print colour look natural
i.e. white looks white even under orange light.  However under
some circumstances an exact colour match is not possible.
Grain / Noise in prints – Due to the extreme nature of in-door
sports photography we have to use a high ISO setting.  This
process allows us to use a higher shutter speed to capture the
action.  A natural side effect of using a high ISO setting is that
prints may have a noticeable amount of grain or noise (coloured
specs) in them.

· Blurred Images – due to the fast pace of sporting events and the number of images produced at a sporting event, 6000-10000 per day per photographer present, not all images can be checked individually.  

If a print order is received for a print with excessive blur we will endeavour to notify you for your consent to print.  However, if we feel some blur is present but doesn’t ruin the overall print we will process the order.

· Prints differ from the website / viewing station image

Online or viewing station images are sized at a ratio of 2:3.  Images may require resizing to accommodate different print sizes i.e. an A4 print would require the inclusion of more ‘width’ of background than a 6x9’ print of the same image.  

Viewing station / Online Images

Online and viewing station images are generally taken straight from the camera without any post processing.  This means that images may be too light or dark; need cropping form optimal composition etc.
If you have any post processing requirements such as cropping or black and white production please notify us prior to placing your order.  Any changes to a print that has been produced will be charged as an additional print.

Publications (Magazines or Newspapers) / Commercial

We do not work or supply images for free.  We do not trade images for advertising space.

All images must be credited ‘photograph by Action Replay Photography Ltd’.
We do not allow any scanned images to be published under any circumstances.

Any images for commercial publications require you or the competitor to purchase an E-mailed Jpeg and gain written permission from Action Replay Photography Ltd.

We do not know the names of the competitors or their horses.  We can usually find the winner of the class or event for equestrian events.   We cannot search for competitors by name.

Any scanned images or Jpegs published without prior consent or in breach of copyright will be charged at £100 or double the National Union of Journalist rate for each instance, whichever is the greatest.

‘I want my picture to be published’

We only allow Jpeg images to be published.  We do not allow scanned images to be published under any circumstances.  

Buying a print does not entitle you to a Jpeg.  These are two separate items for sale

Example:  “a magazine wants to publish the print I have purchased”.  You will need to gain permission for the image to be reproduced from us and then purchase an E-mailed Jpeg (soft copy of the image).
Any scanned images or Jpegs published without prior consent or in breach of copyright will be charged at £100 or double the National Union of Journalist rate for each instance, whichever is the greatest.

International Orders

We suggest ordering ‘e-mailed Jpegs for international order rather than prints.

Please contact us for international print orders as we reserve the right to add additional postage and packaging for the item.  If the additional postage and packaging amount is unacceptable to you we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your original payment.  We are unable to track international post.  Once the order has left us it is your responsibility for any loss or failure to deliver.  All orders will be sent via Royal Mail.

Storage of Images

Action Replay Photography Ltd has no contract with any individual or event organiser to store any images from any event or happening unless specifically agreed prior to the event.  In the case of any loss we do not accept any liability for any damage of loss.

Client Confidentiality

Action Replay Photography Ltd will only pass on your name and address details to allow print labs to post your prints, or other products, to your delivery address.  We will not pass any other details to any other third parties without your prior consent.